Off Book: The Improvised Musical
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The following was recorded LIVE at SF Sketchfest in February of 2024 at the Great Star Theater! ALSO Tickets for our tour are on sale at See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Published 02/13/24
It's here it's here! Paul F. Tompkins and Nicole Parker give us the greatest gift of all, by joining us once again to create a good ol' holiday musical! After that they stick around for our annual decent into madness, as we reinvent the 12 Days of Christmas. WE'RE GOING ON TOUR!...
Published 12/19/23
In which Zach and Jess begin crafting the opening of their brand new written musical! Thank you so much to everyone still supporting Next week is the holiday episode, but this week is about discussing how the openings of musicals work, the rules about portals, how to spell...
Published 12/13/23