OTB 146: U.S. IPMS President David Lockhart
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We will be talking about all aspects of our hobby, bringing you news of upcoming releases and having chats about building and painting kits as well as bringing you special guests. This episode we are joined by the President of IPMS U.S.A David Lockhart.
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Dave Ian and Julian are back in the studio and take time to catch-up with all the mail and news from the Falcon that has built up since they were last all together.
Published 11/26/22
In this episode Dave and Ian venture into the Nation's capitol, Canberra, to enjoy the SCALE ACT 2022 model show. Along the way we find Sam Dwyer who, between trips to various sites and museum visits, joins the boys for the intro. A veritable conga line of guests serve their time behind the mic...
Published 11/11/22
Published 11/11/22