Kent Osborne on How to Develop a "Scratch Attitude" for Better Golf
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Kent Osborne (Canada) is an Executive Coach, a Mental Skills Coach and a Performance Coach with decades of experience in sport (notably the NHL with the Detroit Red Wings) and the business-world. Kent's current passion is golf and he written various ebooks including: "The Golfer Who Developed a Scratch Attitude: Unlock the Game-Changing Power of Positive Emotions" with the goal of helping golfers to enjoy the game and play it with a "playful attitude" in order to play better. Kent joins #OntheMark to discuss what incorporates a Scratch Attitude.  He talks about the relationship between Feelings and Thoughts and how it is impossible think positive if you feel negative.  He talks about Emotions and how they are rooted in Habitual Patterns and how Rituals are more productive than Routines. Kent describes how you can play golf with a "Playful" manner where you are: Physically relaxed, Mentally calm and Emotionally free. He delves into that attitude and speaks about: Emotional Intelligence and Control as the Foundation of Happiness and Success, the Benefits of Being Happy after a Good Shot, the Detriments of Dwelling on Mistakes, Journaling and its advantages, and the value of Gratitude. You can also subscribe and watch this podcast at
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