#490: The Business Model I Swear By: Live Launch, Go Evergreen, Repeat!
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This formula has put the epic battle between live launching and evergreen to bed once and for all If you have a course or product that you’re ready to launch, you might be wondering which is better: Live launching or evergreen?  You’ve probably heard pros and cons about both of them -- Live launching is more lucrative but far more involved, while evergreen may be slightly less of a money-maker but allows you to put your product sales on autopilot and do whatever your little heart desires. (Please note that I’m very aware this isn’t always the case but for many of my students, it has been.)  It’s quite the conundrum, isn’t it? But here’s the good news. After 13 years in the launch game, I have developed a business model that has given me the best of both worlds and put the epic battle between Live launching and evergreen to bed once and for all.  It won’t run you into the ground, offers longevity, scales well, and gives you multiple streams of revenue. Most importantly, it offers you flexibility as an entrepreneur -- which is what we’re all after, isn’t it?  In this episode, I reveal what that business model is, plus: How to have an evergreen product that actually turns a profit Examples of what I’ve seen work, and what I’ve seen work really well Conversion rate stats from my own Live launches and evergreen products How to determine what products should be evergreen, and what should be offered on a Live launch So if you’re an entrepreneur who is still trying to get your business to a place where you can leave your full-time job, support your family, or offer you more flexibility, I encourage you to go someplace quiet and listen closely to this episode -- because it might just change the course of your business for the better. Here’s a glance at this episode... [04:33] The best way to build a successful evergreen product is by perfecting it through live launching first! [06:56] If you skip the live webinars and move right into evergreen, you're leaving money on the table. Hosting live webinars allows you to become a highly skilled marketer in your business.  [08:42] There will come a time when you are ready to graduate to evergreen.  [10:28] My students, Annie Chang and her sister discovered through a live launch what her students actually wanted in an evergreen product. They also launched a successful membership program. Her live launches convert at double of her evergreen. [13:45] My DCA live launch conversion rate is 9%. My List Builders Society is around 5% to 6%.  [14:30] What should be evergreen? When to go evergreen. Do at least two live launches and make sure you feel good about your conversion and profit before going with an evergreen offer. [15:45] Once you are happy with your results, ask if it would make sense to launch your product at evergreen.  [17:32] When your live launch alongside your audience, you get to see their insecurities, questions, and objections in real time. [19:38] What product should go evergreen? You could put your current product on evergreen and then focus your time on creating your new product. Is there an evergreen product that you could put at the beginning of your funnel? [26:47] Guidelines: 1. Focus on one product at a time. 2. Spend time working on conversion before moving to evergreen. 3. Live launching > Evergreen > What's my next live launch offer. Repeat live launching until it's time to move to evergreen. Rate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcasts "I love Amy and Online Marketing Made Easy." please consider rating and reviewing my show! This helps me support more people -- just like you -- move toward the online life and business that they desire. Click here, scroll to the bottom, tap to rate with five stars, and select “Write a Review.” Then be sure to let me know what you loved most about the episode! Also, if you haven’t done so already, follow the podcast. I’m adding a bunch of bonus episodes to the feed and, if you’re no
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