Ah, Love! (Part 2)
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And we're onto part 2 of our coverage of Episode 5! We talk with Costume Designer Dana Covarrubias about dressing Loretta, John Hoffman about the return of our beloved Sazz Pataki. Plus, thoughts and theories! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review, and share the show with your detective friends! Send us your thoughts and theories: [email protected] Or chat with us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/OnlyMurdersHulu/ From Straw Hut Media
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It's the very last episode of this season of Only Murders in the Pod! Thanks for coming along on this wild and crazy ride. Today, we're sharing our conversation with some of the writers of the season. We'll talk about keeping secrets when you know the killer's identity on a hit TV show, some of...
Published 10/13/23
After the season finale last week, there was just too much good stuff to cram into 2 episodes. So we're back for two more and then we're talking a dang vacation! Today, we're talking about our dearly beloved Sazz and the final production of Death Rattle Dazzle. We'll hear from Showrunner and...
Published 10/11/23