Bradley Cooper: A Soulful Star Is Born
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Grammy-, Golden Globe-, Tony- and Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper discusses how he has emerged as a visionary filmmaker. His first try at directing a film became the box office smash “A Star Is Born,” which has been nominated for eight Academy Awards and earned more than $400 million at the box office. Over a four-year period, Bradley wrote, produced, directed, starred in and even wrote music for “A Star Is Born.” “The fact that I had an opportunity to co-write and direct a movie and see it from an idea in my head, or a feeling--an inspiration in my soul--to showing you this story, are you kidding me?” Bradley says. “That's, like, ‘Praise God.’” He shares why he believes he connected on a deeper level with his co-star Lady Gaga and explains why it was important for him to redefine masculinity, portraying men as vulnerable. Bradley also talks about why he believes he’s still connected to his late father, Charles, and how his death forever altered his life.
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