Neha Bajpai (Wristcheck) on Moser, Cartier and the watch scene in India
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This week Andy and Felix catch up with Neha Bajpai, a veteran of the watch journalism biz who’s currently looking after Wristcheck’s editorial. Neha shares her experience in watches — including her deep and abiding love for the recently released Moser Streamliner Vantablack Tourbillon in Red Gold. More than that, we find out the sort of stories that Neha loves to write and why commerce-based sites are writing (arguably) better watch stories than watch news sites. We also get a crash course on the Indian watch scene and find out why Breguet is such a big deal in India. Looking for less loops? Find them at Artem Straps — here. Need somewhere non-toxic to talk watches? Join our Discord. Show Notes: Midjourney AI art TAG Heuer Carrera Torubillon Plasma Neha Bajpai on Instagram The rise of woman watch collectors at auctions The women behind Cartier Wristcheck Neha’s end of year bonus watch The Waiting List  How to follow us: Instagram: @ot.podcast Facebook: @OTPODCASTAU Follow hosts: @fkscholz + @andygreenlive on Instagram. Send us an email: [email protected] If you liked our podcast - please remember to like/share and subscribe.
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