Running Athens Authentic Marathon: Before the Marathon (Part 1)
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Have you ever thought of running the ORIGINAL MARATHON? I can honestly say I have been obsessed with this idea for a few years. And finally this month the "dream" turned into reality. When I completed the 6 major marathons, many asked me what would be next on the "Vanessa running bucket list". Without hesitation, I replied Athens Marathon. It is the course that started it all, from Marathon to Athens - the original - the authentic marathon. And it was on my “bucket list”. Like many marathons, it has an amazing startline (Marathon where it all began) and an incredible finish line at the location of the first modern day Olympics - the only Olympic stadium made of marble. This marathon also has an amazing story and history.  The bucket list of running Athens had always been there. In our episode 4 podcast, I mentioned to Julia that I was thinking of running Athens. Julia quickly jumped on board and said she would like to try to run a marathon. A plan was formed for us to run together in Athens. And from there Connor and Daphne joined in for an amazing gathering of #outruncancer podcast members who had only met virtually to come together in the real world.  In this episode you’ll hear: Introducing the OutrunCancer Team taking part in the Athens 2022 MarathonDaphne’s insider knowledge of the courseThe pre race jitters and fears each member hasWhy this Marathon means so much and should be on your bucket list Stay tuned for Part 2 where we talk about “After”! Listen to Julia’s episode here Listen to Daphne’s episode here Listen to Connor’s episode here Connect with Vanessa: Instagram:  LinkedIn:  Facebook:
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Published 01/23/23
今回は、バニッサのお気に入りの、いつも聴いているランニングポッドキャスター、ランニングチャンネルの上田れいさんがゲストです。レイさんのポッドキャストでは、毎週、ランニングに関するヒントやランニングの実体験について話してくれますので、とても参考になるポッドキャストです。 今週は、上田さんとバネッサのアテネマラソンについての対談です。上田さんの海外でのランニング体験についても語ってくれました。 バニッサがアテネを走った時の話題は、エピソードの14と15で英語でお届けしましたが、今回は日本語でお届けします。バニッサは、アウトランキャンサー・ポッドキャストのゲストで登場いただいたジュリア(第4話...
Published 12/21/22
Published 12/20/22