OJ Simpson Thinks Trans is Bad
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In this week's episode I promised I'd talk about squirrels (you're welcome.) Then I share a video I found of OJ Simpson giving his very needed opinion on Caitlyn Jenner, because trans people golfing is where he draws the line. I also give my opinion on designer clothes, followed up by how bad procrastination can be. Then we end with three LGBTQ+ stories this week! To check out SongPop2 go to: https://bit.ly/3gzbt8A Go to HelloFresh.com/outspoken12 and use code outspoken12 for 12 free meals, including free shipping! Be a part of the podcast and share your uplifting stories with me! EMAIL: [email protected] Twitter/Instagram: @itssamcollins Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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