Instant Reactions to the Patriots losing the home opener to the Ravens
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Pat and Matt discuss the Patriots losing their home opener to the Ravens, and, more importantly, what the situation will be if Mac's ankle is as badly hurt as it appeared to be at the end of the game. It wasn't always pretty, but there were some positives to take away from this loss. Make sure to subscribe to get reactions to all the important Patriots news. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Matt and Barrett discuss the Thursday night stinker that the Patriots put up against the far superior Buffalo Bills. The Patriots lost by 14, but it felt like a lot more, as they were barely able to slow the Bills offense(though they did force a few punts), and they couldn't move the ball on...
Published 12/02/22
After losing a tough game on Thanksgiving against the Minnesota Vikings, the New England Patriots are at a crossroads. They have one of the most difficult remaining schedules over the rest of the season and they can't afford to lose any winnable game- and they'll have to steal an upset or...
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