EP207: Anik Singal: Fight For Your Success
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You could be a great marketer or have amazing business skills, but to keep up with your closest competitors, or even pull ahead, there’s one more trait you need to have… You must be a fighter! In this episode of the Perfectly Mentored Podcast, Anik Singal and Jason provide invaluable business and marketing insights to help YOU emerge victorious in this highly competitive industry. You don’t want to miss this! Topics Covered   Anik's story [2:24]On asking (and accepting) help [11:32]What to focus on [28:54]On what 99% of success is [33:13] Why surrounding yourself with the right people is the key [38:26]The future of business [41:35]On the redefinition of "wealth" [47:16]  Want to work with Jason one-on-one? Click Here Connect with Jason Portnoy WebsiteInstagramTikTokLike the episode? Watch and support us on YouTube. Visit us also on Apple Podcasts! Help us spread the word by subscribing and leaving a review—we appreciate your feedback!
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