Saving Seeds for a Resilient Future
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Show Highlights: Importance of saving your own seedsAdvantages of saving your own seeds over buying from a catalogueClimate adaptation (Heat tolerance, cold tolerance, drought tolerance, flood tolerance, seeds adapt to local soils, etc)Taste ProductionDisease resistanceSaving seeds from hybrid seedsHow to save seedsEasiest seeds to start saving (Hint: Peas/beans, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers)Starting a seed librarySeed School Bill McDormanBill McDorman is Executive Director and co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance (RMSA), a non-profit seed conservation organization serving the Rocky Mountain West and beyond. He was previously the director of Native Seeds/SEARCH in Tucson. Bill founded 3 seed companies including High Altitude Gardens and co-founded several non-profits including the Sawtooth Botanical Garden in Hailey, Idaho. He is the author of Basic Seed Saving which he wrote in 1994. He and his wife Belle Starr, former Deputy Director of NS/S and Deputy Director of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance created an innovative week-long training called Seed School, Seed School Teacher Training, Seed School Online, Grain School and recently an upcoming training called, Seed & Grain Forum. The courses have graduated over 1200 Seed Citizens since the original program began in September of 2010 including many seed librarians, growers and educators. Bill's latest passion is to bring awareness to certified organic, patented seeds that cannot be saved which flies in the face of fostering biodiversity and resilient seed systems.Links: Rocky Mountain Seed AllianceSeed School OnlineDirectory of Seed Libraries
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