Radical Mycology with Peter McCoy
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Episode Highlights:Roles of fungi and mycelium play in living ecosystemsFungi evolved on land long before plantsHow to manage partnerships with fungi and plants (gardens, orchards, food forests, etc)Importance of mycorrhizal fungi Nutrient...
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Episode Highlights:How Deanna started her career in studying indigenous culturesTraveling to Africa during Deanna's Prescott College days to research about chocolatesDeanna's experiences with her business selling chocolatesBusiness as opportunity to do...
Published 05/07/20
Published 05/07/20
Episode Highlights:Rob’s journey from being a pipeline engineer to permacultureHow harvesting energy coincides with permacultureDifference between the rebuild and resetWhy community groups are more important than gardeningWhy do we need to consider...
Published 04/23/20