Full Episode: Friday, September 10, 2021
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20 years since 9/11. President Biden and vaccines. Mental health and social media abuse in professional tennis. Amy Klobuchar opens up about beating breast cancer. Robert E. Lee statue comes down. California's recall election. The American ice cream boom.
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Published 05/20/22
What is was like on the ground following the Buffalo mass shooting; What is 'replacement theory' and why it concerns law enforcement; Breaking the stigma around mental health and black women; An inside look at Freeform's, we're new 4-part docuseries "The Deep End;" And its not just the Queen's...
Published 05/20/22
As the US reaches 1 million covid deaths, hear from one of the widows of the million lost; How is Planned Parenthood in Illinois planning in being one of the only midwestern states to allow abortions? We asked them; Why it is a worry time for parents of young kids; Saying goodbye to the iPod;...
Published 05/13/22