Full Episode: Friday, September 17, 2021
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California recall. Testimony of Larry Nassar victims. Instagram's negative impact on teenage girls. Social media aiding the fight to end homelessness. The latest updates from Apple. Civilian space travel from the perspective of a NASA astronaut. Breaking racial barriers in NASCAR. Canceling Oktoberfest. A Hurricane Nicholas prankster.
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As the US reaches 1 million covid deaths, hear from one of the widows of the million lost; How is Planned Parenthood in Illinois planning in being one of the only midwestern states to allow abortions? We asked them; Why it is a worry time for parents of young kids; Saying goodbye to the iPod;...
Published 05/13/22
The stunning leak of a draft opinion from the Supreme Court on abortion; What is mean's for one Southern state's last facility; And what it mean's for the court itself; Tuesday was a great day for Former President Trump with primaries in Ohio and Indiana; Separating fact from fiction with what...
Published 05/06/22
Published 05/06/22