In this episode we chat with science journalist Kate Ravilious and medical physicist Marco Carlone
Published 04/09/20
In this episode we also chat about physicists who have done silly things
Published 04/02/20
We chat about using plasmas to treat animal waste and coping with COVID-19 isolation
Published 03/26/20
The podcast team discusses power from waves, careers advice for physics graduates and the many applications of terahertz waves
Published 03/12/20
In this podcast episode we ask if online virtual meetings are the future for physics conferences
Published 03/05/20
The podcast team discuss skiing holidays, how sand dunes communicate and a new variant of the classic Young's double-slit experiments
Published 02/27/20
The Physics World team takes a walk on the cold side in this week’s podcast
Published 02/20/20
We also chat about lotus-leaf shapes in this episode of our weekly podcast
Published 02/13/20
In this week's podcast, we talk to Sarah Matthews from University College London about the Sun, discuss language in physics and top music venues
Published 02/06/20
The podcast team discusses careers for physicists, quantum hype and the best way to honour "hidden figures" in science history
Published 01/23/20
In this week's podcast, we take a look at solar cookers, hear from an ultrasound start-up and chat about some bad business models
Published 01/16/20
In this week's podcast we marvel at our growing understanding of black holes
Published 12/19/19
Physics World editors chat about some of the most exciting physics that we have covered this year
Published 12/12/19
Physics World editors chat about some of the most exciting physics that we have covered this year
Published 12/05/19
We review some of our favourite books of the last decade
Published 11/28/19
The podcast team explores a few of the ways that advances in computing (classical and quantum) are shaping the direction of physics research
Published 11/22/19
Lively chat about the long and fruitful relationship between physicists and moviemakers
Published 11/14/19
This week's podcast features a former television star who is a fusion entrepreneur
Published 11/07/19
We meet a physicist who wants to deliver green energy using kites, and more
Published 10/31/19
This week's podcast celebrates International Open Access Week
Published 10/24/19
Our weekly podcast ponders the chemical composition of distant planets
Published 10/17/19
This week’s podcast is devoted to the big news from Stockholm
Published 10/10/19