555 - Love After Lockup (S7E2) “Married at Release"
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Happy Holidays bunkies! Mary Payne and Erin recap episode 2 of Love After Lockup and we unfortunately meet Cameron. Aris is gorgeous but we loathe Cameron. We continue to love Michael and Justine and hope these two are really going to make it! Ashley with her hot rollers and hiccups goes to pick up Travis and he’s pretty cute. Could it be that these two actually have a future? We know it doesn’t end up well for Gabby and Chris, but for now we hope her P is #wetanddecent (gag). As for Monique and Derek - who is in the white SUV? (Probably his mom.) Want more content? Join our Patreon: www.patreon.com/pinkshadebunkies Please follow us on Instagram @pinkshadepod and TikTok @pinkshadepodcast
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