560 - Love After Lockup, S7e4 "Ditched and Dismissed" with Keisha
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Erin is on a break so Mary Payne is chatting with Keisha of The Libra Lounge with Keisha about Love After Lockup! Justine's new MIL is going to try and control her... but insulting her daughter and her parenting isn't the way to get Justine "in line." Derek runs up a $500 dinner bill and wants Monique to go to the casino. He's got more Gucci and Carti-Air to buy! Keisha gives us some inside scoop on Gabby. And we decide that Chris's elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. Nathan acts real weird around Skylar when she gets released. And, Aris is gorgeous and Cameron is a goofball. Follow Keisha! @the_libra_lounge_with_keisha Timestamps: Chat ends and recap begins around 8:00 Please support our sponsors! Go to Hello Fresh and use code PinksShade21 for 21 free meals and free shipping! www.hellofresh.com/pinkshade21 Go to StoryWorth and use code PINKSHADE to save $10 on your next order! www.storyworth.com/pinkshade If you want more content, please subscribe to Patreon: www.patreon.com/pinkshadebunkies Please follow us on Instagram @pinkshadepod and TikTok @pinkshadepodcast Join the closed Facebook group: www.Facebook.com/PinkShade
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