Carnivorous Plants Intro and Care Guide | Ep. 60
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In today's episode we dive into carnivorous plants.  I answer questions including; What is a carnivorous plant? How did carnivory begin in plants? Where do they originate? What types of traps are there? Can these plants harm humans? What carnivorous plants are best for beginners? Where do you buy them? Sunlight needs? Watering needs? What soil is best for them? Should you feed them? Do they need to be fertilized? Do they need pruning? Do they deal with any pests? Thanks for listening! Remember, share this podcast with someone and message me on Instagram @tenneyplants to be entered into the giveaway! Plant School Merch - Follow us; Instagram - @tenneyplants YouTube - Tenney Plants Channel Blog - Pinterest - Tenney Plants Email us! - [email protected] --- Support this podcast:
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