The Truth About Why Chanell Left YouTube & Social Media
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The first fan mail of #playdateSZN has finally graced us all! Chanell & Rae share their thoughts on manifestation and who they’d choose to perform in an ACL/Coachella lineup. Chanell also drops a snippet of her newest single and with its anticipated music video release, she bravely unveils the full truth on why she abandoned YouTube–with journaled receipts you never expected to hear.
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Y’all knew this one was coming! Longtime Britney Jean Spears stans, Chanell & Rae, chat about Hulu’s “Framing Britney Spears” documentary. Cho Cho & R’holo continue to manifest the queen’s FREEDOM and leak potential track titles for her next record.
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Chanell & Rae recap their Valentine's Day and share insight on overcoming rejection.
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Shoutout to the roommate who introduced Rae to Olympic Diver Tom Daley once upon a time because that’s some spicy tea. Cha’holis have officially wrapped up Roommate Escapades and share some insight and takeaways from their experiences.
Published 02/03/21