Zelensky's Plea To Congress
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Tommy and Ben discuss the dire humanitarian situation on the ground in Gaza and the disconnect between the Biden administration’s words and deeds when it comes to protecting civilians in Gaza, including the veto of a UN Security resolution calling for a ceasefire and additional weapons sales to Israel. They also discuss Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to Washington and plea for more security assistance, and republican efforts to tie Ukraine funding to border security, the mess at the UN’s climate summit, a territorial dispute between Venezuela and Guyana, a masked mystery candidate running for president in Ghana and Elijah Wood’s Russian propaganda blunder on Cameo. Then, Max Fisher joins the show to discuss trends in global elections in 2023, and how 2024 may be the biggest election year in history.
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Tommy and Ben discuss the “Peace Summit” held in Switzerland for the war in Ukraine and the glaring problem of Russia’s absence, Putin’s first visit to North Korea in 24 years and why this growing alliance is a troubling development, and the news that Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich...
Published 06/19/24
Published 06/19/24
Tommy and Ben discuss the success of far-right parties in the European Parliamentary elections and debate whether French President Emmanuel Macron’s call for snap elections in France is bold or disastrous. Then they talk about British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s shocking decision to skip a...
Published 06/12/24