Tucker Carlson Goes to Moscow
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Tommy and Ben talk about US strikes against facilities in Iraq and Syria used by Iran-backed militia groups, White House denials that the conflict in Gaza has drawn America into a regional war, haunting statistics for children in Gaza, souring public opinion on the war, and dehumanizing commentary about the Middle East. They also discuss how Biden’s foreign policy agenda is being held up by Congress, Zelensky’s potential government and military shake-up, Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin, El Salvador’s election and Bukele’s rising popularity, polling in Europe that forecasts momentum for far right parties, a historic first in Northern Ireland, King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, Rishi Sunak’s insane fasting regimen, and Liz Truss’ plans to attend CPAC. Then Tommy speaks to Alex Ward, national security reporter at Politico about his new book “The Internationalists”.
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Ben is joined by guest hosts Daniel Kurtz-Phelan, Editor of Foreign Affairs magazine and Rana Ayyub, global opinion columnist for the Washington Post. Ben and Dan discuss a regrouped Hamas in northern Gaza, Secretary Blinken calling out the Israelis for not having a long term plan, Biden’s new...
Published 05/15/24
Published 05/15/24
Ben and guest host Ali Velshi discuss the latest developments on ceasefire negotiations between Israel and Hamas, the beginning of a military offensive in Rafah, the shutdown of Al Jazeera in Israel, and plans to ban TikTok in the United States. They also discuss Chinese President Xi Jinping’s...
Published 05/08/24