CPAC Doubles Down on Creepy Autocrats
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Ben and Tommy discuss President Biden’s claim that a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas may be imminent, the domestic political problems the war is creating for Biden, the latest on efforts to defer attacks by Iran’s proxy groups in the Middle East, and some rare good news about Iran’s nuclear program. They also discuss the staggering casualty numbers from the war in Ukraine, claims that a prisoner exchange involving Alexei Navalny was in final stages before his death, new reports about extensive Russian efforts to interfere in our elections, right-wing autocratic creeps at CPAC, an investigation into the Mexican president’s ties with drug cartels, Saudi Arabia dumping money on celebrities and CEOs in Miami, and why Taylor Swift’s dad was throwing punches in Australia. Then Ben talks with Wai Wai Nu, a human rights activist and founder of the Women’s Peace Network about the civil war in Myanmar.
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Tommy and Ben discuss Biden’s call with Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu and threat to cut off US support for the war in Gaza, Israel’s announcement that it would open more aid corridors into Gaza, and the head spinning change in political support for the war in Washington. They also explain why...
Published 04/10/24
Published 04/10/24
In the final episode of this four-part series, Rog and Tommy trace the massive flow of Saudi money into Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Wall Street, and how the biggest venture capitalists and A-list celebrities seem to no longer care about Saudi Arabia’s human rights record. They also look back at...
Published 04/06/24