451: Michael Rababy - The Art of Photo Curation: Building a Captivating Collection
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In today's episode of the podcast, I chat with photography Michael Rababy about curating images to create a compelling collection for his book California Love: A Visual Mixtape. He will walk you through honing your unique photographic voice, and questioning the impact of social media on your photography journey. You'll gain insight into creating meaningful art, developing a personal photographic voice, and navigating the complexities of the modern photography landscape. The Big Ideas: Developing Your Photographic Voice: Explore the significance of creating a unique photographic voice.The Impact of Art on Your Life: Understand how life experiences and art influence your creative process.Curating Compelling Visual Content: Discover the process of curating a powerful collection of photographs.Navigating the Modern Photography Landscape: Gain insights into the challenges and opportunities in the current photography environment.Resources: Michaels book, California Love: A Visual Mixtape Start Building Your Dream Photography Business for FREE with CloudSpot Studio. And get my Wedding and Portrait Contract and Questionnaires, at no cost! Sign up now at http://deliverphotos.com/ Connect with the Beginner Photography Podcast! Join the free Beginner Photography Podcast Community at https://beginnerphotopod.com/group Send in your Photo Questions to get answered on the show - https://beginnerphotopod.com/qa Grab your free camera setting cheatsheet - https://perfectcamerasettings.com/ Thanks for listening & keep shooting!
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