462: Sandra Coan - 4 Steps Process for Photographers to Beat Imposter Syndrome
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In today's episode of the podcast, I chat with family and newborn photographer Sandra Coan about the transformative power of combining business acuity with creative mastery, and how dedication to learning can lead to your breakthrough in photography. The Big Ideas: Persistence Pays Off: Your early struggles can become valuable lessons. Each setback is a step toward your future success. Investing in Education Equates to Business Growth: Business and marketing knowledge are just as crucial as your art. Learning outside your field can provide unique insights. Commit to self-improvement for sustained profitability.Mastering Lighting Defines Your Style: Technical skills in lighting can elevate your work. A signature style helps you stand out in the market. Expertise builds confidence and reduces imposter syndrome.Community and Mentorship Propel You Forward: Supportive networks provide encouragement and advice. Sharing experiences enriches the whole photography community. Collaboration can often lead to unexpected opportunities.Photography Action Plan: Invest in Your Business Skills: Take an online course or workshop. Focus on improving your business acumen for your photography venture. This can include marketing, branding, or financial management. Read business-related books. Select books that are specific to photography businesses or service-based entrepreneurship to enhance your understanding of the industry.Develop Your Lighting Techniques: Practice with different lighting. Experiment with both natural light and off-camera flashes to understand how lighting affects your shots. Seek feedback on lighting. Share your work with a photography group or a mentor to receive constructive criticism on your lighting choices and improve your skills.Enhance Your Technical Knowledge: Enroll in photography technique classes. Choose courses that will close the creative gap, such as composition, color theory, or post-processing. Regular practice sessions. Dedicate time each week to practice new techniques, ensuring you become confident and proficient in your craft.Build Confidence through Validation: Participate in portfolio reviews. Use these opportunities to gain professional feedback, which will help validate your skills and direct your learning efforts. Join a photography community and engage with a supportive group that can provide ongoing encouragement and critical insights into your work.Resources: Check out Sandra Coan's Certification Program - https://sandracoanstudios.com/Follow Sandra on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sandracoan/Listen to Sandras Unpopular Opinions Podcast - htLearn What Camera Settings to Use in our free guide!https://perfectcamerasettings.com/ Build Your Dream Photography Business and Keep More of the Money You Earn with CloudSpot Studio.And get my Wedding and Portrait Contract and Questionnaires, at no cost!Sign up now at http://deliverphotos.com/ Connect with the Beginner Photography Podcast! Join the free Beginner Photography Podcast Community at https://beginnerphotopod.com/group Send in your Photo Questions to get answered on the show - https://beginnerphotopod.com/qa Grab your free camera setting cheatsheet - https://perfectcamerasettings.com/ Thanks for listening & keep shooting!
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