463: Abby Grace - Crafting Purposeful Branding Image: Intention Over Aesthetics
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In Today's Episode of the podcast I chat with Branding Photographer Abby Grace, and you'll discover how to infuse your photography with genuine storytelling, service, and strategy that will transform your brand photography from generic to truly compelling. The Big Ideas: Embrace the Power of Visual Storytelling: Elevate your brand photographs from mere snapshots to narrative-rich visuals that connect deeply with your audience.Service Over Shots: Begin your photography journey by serving others, and the quality of your portfolio will naturally follow.Strategic Planning Pays Off: Thorough preparation and research before shoots ensure that your photos align with your client’s branding goals.Learn from Experience: Pursue opportunities to work alongside a mentor and capture real-time events to refine your anticipation and execution in photography.Photography Action Plan Engage with Clients Before the Shoot: Schedule a consultation call to understand your client's brand, their vision, and the message they want to communicate through the images. Prepare a detailed questionnaire for your clients to fill out, capturing essential information about their brand identity, target audience, and the feelings they want to evoke with their photography.Craft a Strategic Shot List: Research your client's industry and competitors to identify visual gaps and opportunities for their brand photography to stand out. Curate a shot list that includes diverse scenes, from close-ups of the client's work process to wider shots that encompass their work environment, ensuring variety and depth in your portfolio.Master Your Camera’s Manual Settings: Take time to practice with your camera, experimenting with different ISO, aperture, and shutter speed settings to see how they affect the outcome of your photos. Challenge yourself to shoot in manual mode during your next few sessions to build your confidence in adjusting settings on the fly and understanding the lighting conditions.Conduct a Beta Client Session: Identify potential beta clients in your network who might benefit from your services and approach them with a tailored pitch offering a session that aligns with your portfolio goals. Execute the session with the same professionalism and dedication as a paid shoot, ensuring valuable experience and quality images that reflect both your skill and your client’s brand.Analyze and Reflect Post-Shoot: Review the images from your session with a critical eye, assessing whether each photo aligns with the client's brand story and goals. Select the strongest images to show your client and gather feedback on what worked and what could be improved, using this information to refine your process for future sessions.Resources: Follow Abby on Instagram -Learn What Camera Settings to Use in our free guide!https://perfectcamerasettings.com/ Build Your Dream Photography Business and Keep More of the Money You Earn with CloudSpot Studio.And get my Wedding and Portrait Contract and Questionnaires, at no cost!Sign up now at http://deliverphotos.com/ Connect with the Beginner Photography Podcast! Join the free Beginner Photography Podcast Community at https://beginnerphotopod.com/group Send in your Photo Questions to get answered on the show - https://beginnerphotopod.com/qa Grab your free camera setting cheatsheet - https://perfectcamerasettings.com/ Thanks for listening & keep shooting!
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