Podcast listening is growing globally, Spotify advertising and subscriptions are expanding internationally but why is no one checking the content is factual, not breaking copyright and has a license to use it?
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Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi    GUEST: Sean Li - Clever.FM NEWS:  Spotify expands Podcast Subscriptions globally and now includes 20 price points from $0.50 to $150 and a way for creators to download subscribers' contact info  —  Just a few months after launching support for podcast subscriptions to U.S. creators, Spotify today is making the service available to creators in global markets. There are now more than 1,000 channels in Apple Podcasts. Podnews has discovered 293 paid subscription channels so far. Audiobooks are coming to Spotify - the company is to acquire Findaway, an audiobook distributor. Findaway will “enable Spotify to quickly scale its audiobook catalog”. It’s experimented with audiobooks before: adding classic books, and a bespoke category for spoken word. (There are already more than 3,900 audiobooks on Spotify). Medium is getting into audio, acquiring audio-based learning platform Knowable. Warren Shaeffer, co-founder of Knowable, will join Medium as the Vice President of Audio. (Evan Williams, Medium’s CEO, was co-founder of Odeo, an early podcast company.)  Oprah Winfrey was on Clubhouse, but only 23,000 people listened.  Meanwhile apps or logins are no longer required to listen on Spotify Greenroom. And - genuine question - has anyone heard from Mark Cuban's Fireside Chat recently?  The New York Times says that 'misleading covid-19 talk goes unchallenged’ on podcasts (and on radio). The article criticises iHeart, Spotify and Apple. Sounder has launched an “Audio Data Cloud”, which aims to analyse audio for advertisers to learn more about content of podcasts: including topic analysis, brand safety and automated summaries.
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Published 01/13/22
NEWS:  Spotify has launched clickable call-to-action cards, - described as ad banners for podcasts.  Currently limited to Spotify Originals and Exclusives, US only. Spotify’s new CTA cards aren’t new and aren’t open. The new JSON-based chapter specification from Podcast Index also allows...
Published 01/13/22
James Cridland talks with Jonas Woost Director Of Strategy at Pacific Content about his podcast predictions for 2022.  They talk about ... Who is Pacific Content?Is Podcasting still open in 2022?Paid Subscriptions?Legacy media buys into podcastingWhat does that mean for indies?The rise of...
Published 01/04/22