Facebook Podcasting. It's alive but why can't you actually play them yet? We interview David Markowitz, Netflix amd Niklas Hildebrand, Audry.
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Join James Cridland and Sam Sethi as they talk about Facebook Podcasting. It's alive but why can't you actually play them yet? SPECIAL GUESTS: - David Markowitz, Netflix - Niklas Hildebrand, Audry WE TALKED ABOUT: - Facebook launched its in-app podcast experience. To get listed, you need an invite directly from Facebook: and they’ll only play in the US? - Facebook’s Clubhouse clone, Live Audio Rooms has also launched: again for the US only, and live rooms are only available on iOS. “Later this summer, we’ll roll out additional features, like captions and the ability to create and share short clips of a podcast,” says Fidji Simo, Head of Facebook App. - Will Apple deprecate podcasts with adverts in favour of podcasts with subscriptions. - The Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2021 was released, it gives podcast consumption figures for 20 countries in a comparable manner, and says 31% of people (302 million) accessed a podcast in the last month. It also says that the platform mix is changing, with Spotify overtaking Apple in some markets. - Nielsen suggest that “light podcast listeners”, who listen three times or less per month, now make up half of all podcast listeners. - The Podcast Index hit 4 million podcasts with 640,240 active in the last 60 days. - The Apple Podcasts app has a thing called “Stations”. - Ariel Helwani has announced an exclusive show for Spotify’s The Ringer within Spotify Greenroom. “We’ll do a live show, with callers and taking your questions, and it’ll be made available as a podcast”: this sounds like the first announcement of Greenroom being used as a podcast source. - Squadcast launched v4. The remote recording service adds integration with Dolby․io, spatial audio, 1-click audio mastering, up to ten people in a session, screen sharing, an updated green room and plenty more. - Spotify has bought Podz, a podcast discovery platform Previous Episodes: - https://www.podland.news Sponsored by: Buzzsprout Podcast hosting and a whole lot moreRiverside.FM Podcast recording made simple. The easiest way to record podcasts in studio quality from anywhere.
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