Passing the RSS buck! Is unmoderated podcasting spreading misinformation? Do podcasting apps need better content moderation reporting tools? Twitter to support Value4Value boosts.
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Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi GUESTS:  Valerie Wirtschafter  -  The Brookings InstitutionAndrew Craissati - AuddyNEWS HEADLINES:  Podcasting is "an ideal tool to inject false or misleading information into mainstream discourse while going undetected", according to research from Valerie Wirtschafter  The Australian High Court found that, by running the Facebook pages, the media groups participated in communicating defamatory material posted by third parties and were therefore responsible for the comments. Apple has been forced to allow media apps to link to websites for payment. The change should allow simpler methods to pay for third-party content that isn’t subject to Apple’s 30% commission. The new policy takes effect in early 2022. RedCircle has landed $6m in funding. The company monetises podcasts, selling host-read ads or programmatic advertising, as well as a method of selling podcast subscriptions. In Germany, Alex Jacobi criticises the state of podcast statistics: notably, the lack of standard data export and APIs from podcast hosts for statistics. He has proposed OPAF data exchange standard (Open Podcast Analytics Format). Podnews has published its first ranker - the people and companies who we’ve written about over the past 90 days. PodNews updated their guide on how to earn value4value from your podcast. Twitter has confirmed that it is working on a tipping process using Bitcoin and the lightning network. This is of interest for podcasters because it uses the same technology as value4value listening, including 'boosts’. “If every Twitter user has a lightning wallet, the listener onboarding problem gets solved overnight,” said Podcast Index’s Dave Jones.   Podcast consultant Dave Jackson’s wonderful new Podcast ‘Leading The Bleeding’ talks about podcasting and Bitcoin.  In EP2 James mentioned building something with the Podcast Index API to show only podcasts with Value4Value -
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