Q&A for The Speech That Was Supposed to Be a Debate With Michael Mann
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This week’s Power Hour features the wide-ranging Q&A from a recent speech Alex Epstein gave at Lafayette College--a speech that was supposed to be a debate with Michael Mann. Some of the many topics covered include: Does the moral case for fossil fuels uncritically assume that progress is good? Do people really choose fossil fuel energy? Can the dominance of fossil fuels be explained by a lack of research into other sources of energy production? Climate-related damages beyond climate-related deaths. Energy poverty in the US The value of fossil fuel-based materials The “abuse-use fallacy” Why the anti-fossil fuel movement is anti-nuclear. The “delicate nurturer” vs. “wild potential” view of Earth What we can learn from hunter-gatherers The psychological motivation for being anti-human Electric cars Does Alex have a favorite fossil fuel?
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