Chris Wright, proud Oil & Gas CEO
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From Alex Epstein, host of Power Hour: On this week’s Power Hour I have a wide-ranging discussion with Chris Wright, the proud and outspoken CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services. I first met Chris when we tag-teamed in a debate against climate catastrophists back in late 2015. He, like me, came to love fossil fuels despite not coming from that industry background at all (his background was working on fusion at MIT). In the past month Chris has done two very cool things. One is that he has responded to the ESG movement with a report entitled “Bettering Human Lives” that highlights the amazing benefits of the oil and gas industry, and encourages rational thinking about climate. Chris has also been making a lot of noise with a new “Thank You, North Face” billboard and video campaign. In our discussion Chris and I cover: - Why he chose to be an entrepreneur - The response to his revolutionary ESG report - The response to his “Thank You, North Face” campaign - His role working with Mitchell Energy to bring about the shale revolution - What Chris’s activist successes can teach other energy CEOs - Chris’s plans for future activism - Our common motivations for focusing our careers on energy - How we think about criticism
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