Best-of Power Hour: The Future of Oil With Michael Lynch
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From Alex Epstein, host of Power Hour: This week's Power Hour is a best-of episode, featuring a now prophetic interview with energy economist Michael Lynch. In February of this year, there were many prominent claims that post-pandemic demand for oil would quickly decline and fade. I thought these claims were based on farcical reasoning, and to counter them I invited one of my favorite energy economists, Michael Lynch, to challenge the idea of "peak oil demand." Early in the podcast he said: "In the past couple of years, people have started talking about peak oil demand. And the pandemic has increased the idea that it’s imminent or even passed. You’ve had a few companies like BP and Shell that have scenarios that show a near-term peak in oil demand. And it’s kind of the flavor of the day. “And the problem is, most of the talk is very superficial." I think you'll find it valuable to hear Lynch's and my arguments against popular predictions about energy, as we have since been vindicated.
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Published 11/13/21
Published 11/13/21