Episode #324: Living Apart but Together with Sandra Beck
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Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin from Powered Up Talk Radio have an engaging conversation with Amanda Lambert and Leslie Eckford from Mindful Aging. They delve into the intriguing concept of Living Apart Together (LAT), exploring the dynamics and benefits of maintaining separate residences while being in a committed relationship. This discussion sheds light on how couples can cultivate independence and personal space, all while nurturing a strong bond and connection with each other. Through this conversation, listeners are invited to understand the practicalities, emotional aspects, and societal implications of choosing a LAT lifestyle in today's world. Listeners can find episodes on Audible, Amazon Music, Amazon Podcasts, Spotify, I Heart Radio, Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Stitcher, Player FM, and Podcast Addict. Powered Up Talk Radio is delighted to express our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsor, OneSkin.co. We are thrilled to partner with an innovative company that's at the forefront of skin health and longevity. OneSkin is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance and protect your skin at the molecular level, ensuring it not only looks radiant but is genuinely healthier. As a token of our appreciation for the support of our listeners and in collaboration with OneSkin, we're excited to offer an exclusive opportunity to embark on your journey towards improved skin health. By using the special promo code "PoweredUp," you can enjoy a generous 15% discount on your initial purchase at oneskin.com. This offer is a fantastic way to get acquainted with the latest in skin care technology, allowing you to experience firsthand the benefits of incorporating OneSkin's products into your daily regimen. We encourage our listeners to take advantage of this unique offer. Whether you're aiming to address specific skin concerns or simply looking to maintain youthful, resilient skin, OneSkin's scientifically-backed products are designed to meet your needs. Remember to use code "PoweredUp" to unlock your savings and start your journey to healthier, more vibrant skin with OneSkin today.
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