Podcast 173 Tsunami (Part 2)
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The second part of Tsunami (See Podcast 172 for Part 1). Story for B1 and B2 learners of English. The words and expressions I describe today are: frightening strike fear into human hearts the heart beats faster mysterious giant horse screaming with/in fear, happiness be in shock a totally hopeless situation The three questions for the story area: 1, What else screamed besides the children? 2, Which animals are named in the story? 3, Which two Greek gods are named? At https://www.practisingenglish.com/ I offer learners of intermediate-level English, grammar help and exercises and other English learning pages. https://www.practisingenglish.com/ My latest novel for learners of B2 English is called The Tudor Conspiracy. You can see it on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/33Axu2N https://amzn.to/33Axu2N Be back soon with another podcast! Mike Bilbrough (Secondary school English teacher and Doctor in English philology)
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Published 02/26/24
Today's story is B1 level with lots of B2 phrases added. This let's you improve little by little without getting lost because the text is too difficult to understand. I'm listing below the phrases I explain in the audio. I also talk about ellipsis, which is where you omit words from a sentence...
Published 02/26/24
This is a special edition podcast. Today I’m publishing The Octopus’s Garden as one complete story.  If you have listened to this story in the two parts I published two weeks ago (podcasts 179 and 180), you’ll remember that I have dedicated this story firstly, to the children of Gaza, who are...
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