Podcast 174 Somebody for Jenny (B1 story)
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Jenny is looking for a relationship. Will she ever find somebody suitable?  Today's B1 story comes with a test. The story contains around 60 B1 words, which are useful for B1-level English study, and some of them are not easy to learn as they are not very intuitive (false friends). I include below a list of thes B1 words in the order they appear in the story: disappointed allow attempted advertising keen to suitable refused advised abroad encouraged advice explored regions searching suitable introduced handsome unable fall in love refused relationship unless made contact support disappointment complained average annoying silly none of vegetarian no longer involved persuaded once more successful partners although completely convinced arranged the following day partner vegetarian keen on magnificent match amazed in fact handed (to) anxious Listen to these words in the story and look for the meaning of those you don't know. There is then a test on some of them. You can find the answers to the test at my website: https://www.practisingenglish.com/podcast-174.htm At https://www.practisingenglish.com/ I offer learners of intermediate-level English, grammar help and exercises and other English learning pages. https://www.practisingenglish.com/ My latest novel for learners of B2 English is called The Tudor Conspiracy. You can see it on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/33Axu2N https://amzn.to/33Axu2N Be back soon with another podcast! Mike Bilbrough (Secondary school English teacher and Doctor in English philology)
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