Social Norms Explained
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The concept of the week is "Social Norms," from the field of Social psychology.  We explore how this seemingly simple idea actually permeates into nearly every crevice of our daily lives - and how it affects us when we depart from social and cultural norms. Source: Social Psych Text book *Get in touch: Join our Discord Community for great Psych conversations! Dr. Jack's Blog - Yes I know how to write! Email - [email protected] Twitter - @PSYCH_EXPLAINED Facebook Page for the older listeners, Ha! Youtube Channel with long-form lecture videos: ** Ways to Support the podcast: - Please share, follow/subscribe, and rate and review in your favorite podcasting app. Thanks to our sponsor, BetterHelp Visit our sponsor, BetterHelp, for 10% off your 1st month: #sponsored #ad #mentalhealth #therapy Support the show (
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