Surah Al Imran: Family of Imran - Verses 90 & 91 - Sin is NOT Enough
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Allah says: Indeed those who turn faithless after their faith and then advance in faithlessness, their repentance will never be accepted, and it is they who are the astray. (Chapter 3: Verse 90) Learn the Tafsir of this Aya and much more in this week's sessions.
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The People of the Book (the Jews and Christians) were in Arabia when Prophet Muhammad arrived. How did they act? What information did they have? Why did some of them embrace Islam and others did not? Find the answers and much more in this week's Al Imran English Quran Tafsir of Ayat 98 and 99.
Published 05/13/22
In 1979, a group of armed Saudi men led by Juhayman Al-Otaybi took over the Haram for almost two weeks to protest government policies. They made the sacred grounds unsafe for pilgrims, and they had to be evacuated by force. Learn the Tafsir of Aya 97 of Al Imran in this week's Quran lesson.
Published 04/28/22