Ep 169 | The Mysterious Motive: Why He Tried To Kill Him
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Flatline means death. Vibration means life. Even the very beginning of life, its conception, involves vibration. Heartbeat and breathing are vibrations. Speech, communication and music are all vibrations. Are you wondering why every Happy Warrior needs to know this? Just wait! There are other kinds of vibrations. Red, blue, and green are vibrations, so is what cooks food in your microwave. Different instruments measure different kinds of vibrations. The wrong instrument does not mean there is no vibration. It just means you used the wrong instrument. Why did Hadi Matar try to murder Salman Rashdie? The New York Times cannot know the motive. They use the wrong instrument. They fail because their worldview excludes Faith; it is the religion of Secular Materialistic Fundamentalism. But every Happy Warrior understands Hadi’s motive. Do you want greater understanding of how the world REALLY works? Take a look at Noah right here, right now:  https://www.wehappywarriors.com/the-gathering-storm?seg_id=01G7AVA808RQ225VH1FD4HQZ98.12051.1660496731013  What was Darwin trying to do in 1859? Deep inside our own souls, each of us desperately seeks an answer to the question: Where did I come from? The real role of the Flood account in describing where we came from and what we need to know about it when raising our own families. Why some children grow up financially successful while others seem doomed from the start. Clue: Education is not the answer.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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