Ep 112 | Socialism Is On The March. What You Can Do To Resist It and Defend Your Interests
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Welcome Happy Warriors and a special welcome to brand new Happy Warriors-in-training. Congratulations to all Happy Warriors who have recently brought a new baby into the world. Well done! Vision Boards? I hope you don’t even know what they are. But if you do use one, please try and get rid of it for 60 days. In this show, I tell you exactly how to replace it with something that really does work. If evolution is an accurate theory for our presence on the planet, pray explain to me why our bodies have evolved to tolerate something as destructive as alcohol. In this show I tell the truth about spirits. I present you with the original blueprint of socialism - you’ll be shocked by where it is found. How and why today’s socialism revolution attacks Family, Friendships, Finance and Faith, but not Fitness. Somehow the state tries to hurt your family, your financial independence, your friendships and social relationships, and your faith. But it encourages your physical health... Meanwhile, a special Fathers’ Day discount on the Financial Prosperity video course. Type in FATHERS20 for the Financial Prosperity Collection at (wehappywarriors.com). From time immemorial, people have been trying to connect to the infinite and eternal. There are two ways of doing so—God or government. Big “G” or little ‘g’. You get to choose. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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