RACE CHASER ROUND UP: Top 10 Moments from Season 3 Untucked
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Alaska and Willam round up the Top 10 Moments from Season 3 Untucked! THIS EPISODE SPONSORED BY SHOE DAZZLE, HELLO FRESH, BARKBOX, & STORYWORTH: *Get 75% off your first order at shoedazzle.com/drag *Get 9 free meals by going to HelloFresh.com/drag9 and using code DRAG9 *Go to barkbox.com/drag and get a FREE TOY with your new subscription plan *Get $20 off your first purchase at storyworth.com/drag FOLLOW ALASKA https://twitter.com/Alaska5000 https://www.instagram.com/theonlyalaska5000 https://www.facebook.com/AlaskaThunder https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9vnKqhNky1BcWqXbDs0NAQ FOLLOW WILLAM https://twitter.com/willam https://www.instagram.com/willam https://www.facebook.com/willam https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrO9hj5VqGJufBlVJy-8D1g RACE CHASER IS A FOREVER DOG PODCAST https://foreverdogpodcasts.com/podcasts/race-chaser
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