HOT GOSS #99: Asphalt Angels and a Double Dose of DM’s…In Perpetuity!
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Alaska and Willam catch up on all their gigs; from the parking lot to the West End. They discuss the amazing activists in Columbia and they gear up to celebrate a special centennial Hot Goss episode next week. Plus a double dose of DM’s as they make it to the second chamber of the cave. Submit your Hot Goss #100 photo to our listener photo contest via DM @racechaserpod or via email at Listen to Race Chaser Ad-Free on Forever Dog Plus Follow us on IG at @racechaserpod and click the link in bio for a list of organizations you can donate to in support of Black Lives Matter Rainbow Spotlight: Higher - VINCINT (feat. Alex Newell) [with Precious Princess] FOLLOW ALASKA FOLLOW WILLAM RACE CHASER IS A FOREVER DOG PODCAST
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