React Design Patterns with Samaila Bala - RRU 181
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In this episode we have special guest front-end engineer and technical writer Samaila Bala from Nigeria. We discuss several use cases of the React design patterns he has written about, such as the Compound Components Pattern and Provider Pattern. He also discusses his Send Cash app, and how it allows people to transfer money internationally with more ease. Sponsors Top End Devs Coaching | Top End Devs Links 3 React Component Design Patterns You Should Know About ( Samaila Bala Picks Jack - Nintendo Switch Sports Paige - Netlify Samaila - Remix TJ - PlatformIO Special Guest: Samaila Bala. Sponsored By: Coaching | Top End Devs: Do you want to level up your career? or go freelance? or start a podcast or youtube channel? Let Charles Max Wood Help You Achieve Your DreamsTop End Devs: Learn to Become a Top 5% Developer. Join our community of ambitious and engaged programmers to learn how.