RAR #187: How to find books that engage both an 8- and a 4-year-old
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How can we find books that engage both an 8- and a 4-year-old? That's the question I'm answering in today's short episode of the Read-Aloud Revival. You'll hear... * why we shouldn't leave picture books behind* a tip for keeping kids engaged with longer books* a few book suggestions! (naturally ) Books and links mentioned in the show * RAR #73: What Your Kids Can Do While You Read Aloud (they'll probably listen better than ever) Record a question for Sarah Listen to more RAR episodes Nothing Found You might also like... * When you're constantly interrupted during read-alouds* The lowdown on reading aloud to 4-7 year olds
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Sometimes, it can seem like the holiday season is over before we even had a chance to truly celebrate. And so this year, we're wishing you a relaxing read-aloud Christmas, full of plenty of cocoa, warm blankets, and snuggles with your favorite people. If all of that sounds like a dream -...
Published 11/23/21
When my kids were young, I tried narration in my homeschool. But instead of working how it was supposed to, it made my oldest daughter freeze with panic. She actually started hating books she had previously loved. Read-aloud time became fraught. And the quality of her education suffered...
Published 11/08/21
Published 11/08/21