Internet Problems & Calling Tech Support - Real Life English Dialogue
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What do you do when your internet goes down? After calling the internet company, of course, Amy and Curtis decided to make the most of their time and record a new podcast talking about this problem. If you have ever wanted to hear what it is like to call customer service and get technical support, you will LOVE the realistic role play between Amy and Curtis where they pretend to call to report a problem with their internet. Also, if you've ever thought that having a conversation with Amy & Curtis would be cool, you HAVE to listen to this podcast to hear how you can do that! We have recently released something called the Real English Conversations Course with Group Lessons. And this is where you're going to be able to join Curtis and myself in a live conversation with a small group of other students, where we discuss some of our conversation topics, and very often, we will have a role play so that you can practice real life English in conversations that you would have in the real world. Learn more about it here: Or if you just want to practice speaking in general conversations, you might be interested in the Real English Conversations Course. Learn more here: But if you have something specific that you want to improve, private lessons are the perfect way to get the one-to-one support of a teacher. Whether you want to develop your skills for everyday communication OR you are preparing for a job interview, presentation or an important meeting, we can help you. Get started with a trial lesson here:  Learn more about our courses here: Get the Transcript for this Podcast Episode:
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