Things Parents Say to Kids | English Phrases for Real Life 
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Growing up as a kid, we all heard our parents use some funny phrases and expressions to tell us what we should or shouldn't be doing. Now, it's time to learn some of the classic sayings in English. In this podcast, Amy and Curtis share some of the things they heard their parents say throughout their childhood to get their point across. "I hope you know money doesn't grow on trees" "You make a better door than a window" "I can't even hear myself think!" You must listen to this episode if you are a parent so you can start bossing your kids around using these funny expressions!   Do you love our podcast conversations? Get full access to ALL of our conversations lesson including the ones that are exclusively available to premium members. Get the 80+ conversations here! Unlock your fluency with Real Conversations with native speakers. Find a lesson time and book your trial lesson now! Learn to use phrasal verbs faster with crazy stories that are impossible to forget! Use phrasal verbs easily and sound more natural. Learn more about our course here! Get our latest podcast episode here! Read along with the text, find cool expressions, and quickly improve your listening. Get this free lesson here!
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