68. When Low-Confidence Takes Control [Part 2/3]
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Take Control over Low-Confidence when Speaking in English Feeling anxious and scared to speak English happens to a lot of people. And that fear makes it very difficult to practice your speaking skills. So, how can you break this cycle? In this podcast lesson, Amy will explain her fear of making phone calls and the steps that helped her to overcome this problem. Additionally, you will hear how one of Amy's students overcame her fear of speaking in less than one month! This is a story that will be a big inspiration if you often avoid speaking because you don't feel comfortable speaking and your confidence is low. **Get the Free Lesson Notes and Activities for this Lesson** * Read and Listen to this lesson with the full transcript * Try the Listening to Speaking Activity Challenge * Get the lesson notes here: https://app.golinks.io/be-confident-podcast-2   English Fluency Programs Get your English to the next level faster by getting the specific help you need from expert fluency teachers and courses that are designed to get you USING your English! Interested in our programs? Learn more here: https://realenglishconversations.com/fluency-programs
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