FROM THE VAULT - Episode 305 - Natalia Grace: The Orphan
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UPDATE: Since we released our episode on the Barnetts – who said their adopted 9-year-old daughter had turned out to be a murderous, adult woman – Natalia has finally broken her silence in a six(!)-part new interview series. And the revelations are damning… Relisten to the episode to brush up first, or skip to 1:20:00 for Hannah and Suruthi’s take on the latest shocking updates! - In 2009, the Barnetts, a wealthy picture-perfect American family, adopted 6-year-old Natalia Grace from Ukraine. But within just 3 years, they’d abandoned her and fled to Canada. Why? According to the Barnetts, Natalia – who had a rare form of dwarfism – wasn’t a little girl at all. She was actually a 22-year-old woman who was trying to murder their whole family. In this bizarre case, everything most definitely isn’t as it seems… See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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