Duty, burden, privilege: Seeking the truth and who gets to tell it
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Back in 2020, amidst Black Lives Matter protests, Repicture host Nyasha Kadandara noticed the gatekeepers of storytelling proclaiming “hire black”. This caused her to reflect on photographers who document their own communities. In this episode Nyasha and co-host Tasneem Alsultan ask four photographers how they strive to accurately represent and document their own communities that are often misrepresented in the media. Do they see their work as a duty, burden, privilege or something else entirely? Nyasha and Tasneem also share their own hesitancies and frustrations about working in their own communities and abroad. Featuring Patience Zalanga, Fabiola Ferrero, Barry Christianson and Andrea Bruce.
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Co-hosts Tasneem Alsultan and Nyasha Kadandara ask 13 photographers what they carry in their camera bags. Featuring Fabiola Ferrero, John Edwin Mason, Khadija Farah, Patience Zalanga, Barry Christianson, Anastasia Taylor-Lind, Tom Saater, Tanvi Mishra, Annie Tritt, Peter DiCampo, Josué Rivas,...
Published 11/10/21
Visual journalists are no strangers to trauma – including those working far from the frontlines. Deadlines, PTSD, financial uncertainty, imposter syndrome, protest, pandemic, harassment, maintaining relationships, and even success can be traumatic. Today we discuss how we as visual storytellers...
Published 11/03/21