#144 Dark Pattern
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This week, we discover an invisible maze, designed to trick millions of people out of their money.Justin Elliot’s TwitterPro Publica’s questionnaire for people who’ve worked at IntuitIntuit CEO’s video responseFind a Free File tax product on the IRS sitePro Publica’s reporting on Turbo TaxHere’s How TurboTax Just Tricked You Into Paying to File Your TaxesTurboTax Deliberately Hid Its Free File Page From Search EnginesTurboTax and H&R Block Saw Free Tax Filing as a Threat — and Gutted ItElizabeth Warren and Other Senators Call for Refunds and Investigations of TurboTax and H&R Block
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Carlos Maza started posting videos on YouTube, and ran afoul of a guy who reminded him of his high school bullies. He asked YouTube to intervene, and then things got extremely complicated.Further Reading:Carlos Maza's video series StrikethroughMark Bergen on how toxic videos became more common on...
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This week, an epic Yes Yes No spanning an entire galaxy of internet fights. Plus, Alex Goldman reveals a dark personal secret. And an update on Sal’s quest to get into college in Canada.See the tweet here. 
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