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Ali talks about wanting to breed her own dog, changing her image, getting a rash, celebrating her grandmas 90th birthday, being the comedian of the family, and having to write speeches.    Sponsored by: Warby Parker - to order five pairs of glasses at home for free for five days! Liquid IV - promo code ALIMAC to get 25% off anything!   SEE WHERE IM PERFORMING Produced & Edited by Giorgio Gregoris: Graphic Design & Animations by Tom Bosko:​ Resting Bitch Couch Illustration by Alec MacDonald:
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Ali talks about being a pseudo celebrity as a child, making prank phone calls for 102.7 KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest, and a behind the scenes look at some of her prank phone calls from her past.      Sponsored by:  Liquid Death - get the best water you've ever drank and a free set of...
Published 09/15/21
Ali talks about her unhealthy obsession with food, the real way to troll, whether she'll keep her kid uncut or cut, her boyfriends crushes, and answers questions from IG.   Sponsored by: for a free coozie   SEE WHERE IM PERFORMING
Published 09/08/21
Ali talks about her upcoming gig opening for St. Vincent on tour, weird things she hears on the road, what celebrities her and her boyfriend would bone, being a bitter child star, and people who go viral.  Warby Parker - try 5 glasses on for free Parade - get 20%...
Published 09/01/21